Friday, 13 November 2015

5 Ways To Reduce Your Reliance On Plastic Products

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As it is widely known, the popular use of plastic in day-to-day life poses a big long term problem for the environment. Because it’s so difficult to break down and recycle, green enthusiasts will often suggest that we should avoid using plastic products whenever possible. It’s been reported that less than 10% of plastic consumed annually is broken down and recycled. While it’s difficult to imagine a plastic-free life just yet, with just about everything being packaged in it, we’ve compiled some tips on how to reduce your reliance on this material.


Reuse shopping bags

This is a practice that has been embraced by shopping centres in other countries - frankly Australia is a bit behind the times here. All over Europe and even parts of South America for example, shoppers will bring the same cotton shopping bags with them when they go to the supermarket as they are charged for every plastic bag they require. Consider doing the same even if it doesn’t cost you to use plastic bags just yet. Every plastic bag takes upwards of 1,000 years to break down...


Don’t buy gum

Ever noticed or accidentally touched a piece of gum stuck to your chair? Chances are it’s been there for a while and it’s not going away anytime soon. Chewing gum, in actual fact, is a kind of plastic and cannot be easily broken down. There are better habits than chewing gum - why not try to cut down!


Give up bottled water

The bottled water phenomena are taking a significant toll on the environment - with well over 1 million tonnes of plastic waste coming from water bottles per year. Really there’s little upside to drinking bottled water beside perhaps convenience. Australia’s tap water is some of the finest in the world and when chilled is very comparable to branded bottled water. IF you have to purchase a bottle of water, recycle the bottle!


Shop in bulk

If you know a lot about green living, you’ll notice that many of the tips actually wind up saving you money, so there’s more than just the advantage of feeling good for doing something for the environment! Shopping in bulk is smart because it helps out your hip pocket and reduces the amount of packaging you go through. A no brainer really


Avoid using straws

Straws are truly one of the most overrated inventions going around. What exactly is the point of using a straw? Unless you’re drinking a particularly fruity cocktail, we’re failing to see what purpose they have. Not only are they not necessary but they are a use-once item and can’t be recycled hygienically.

These are just a small few ideas on how you can reduce your use of plastic from day to day. There’s plenty more ways to do this, do our readers have any others?

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