Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sustainable Waste Collection & Management at Melbourne

Waste collection & management is such an issue that no one loves to think about although everyone somehow has a connection with it. In our daily lives, we generate waste which includes both organic and non-biodegradable wastes including food waste, human waste, paper, plastic, metals and so on. These things can seriously hamper the ecological balance of the environment and make it unhealthy and difficult to live with the people. If we do not take care of our waste for a long period, it may also make areas absolutely hazardous and beyond any solution. This is why; we must prioritise waste collection and management in an environment-friendly manner as soon as possible.

It is good news that the technology of waste collection & management and facilities has improved to a great extent in recent times. No matter how much waste you make in your house, you can easily manage it with new equipment and facilities. In addition, you also have a number of bins hire or waste bin hire companies in Melbourne that can help you in disposing of your waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

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If you look around on the internet or local directory, you will see there are hundreds of these companies which have been providing waste management and bin hire services to the communities of Melbourne and other cities of Australia. These companies provide different types of waste bins which you can fill up with your waste and they will collect the bin once they are full. After this, these companies will recycle the organic and recyclable wastes and also dispose of the non-organic wastes in an environmentally friendly manner.

Most of the bin hire companies to have their own waste treatment plants and the rest of them use such services from another third party. This is how companies like Metropolitan Bin Hire have been making their contribution to the city, community and to the environment. Through their services, they are keeping the natural balance stable and sustainable. They provide reliable and fast bin hire services for all kinds of domestic, commercial, or industrial needs. For these, they carry a wide range of bins including but not limited to rubbish bins, waste bin, skip bins and so on. In addition, they also use different types of modern equipment and the latest materials reclamation machines which are imported from Europe and able to sort and manage different types of wastes including soil, brick, concrete, tiles, metals, timber and so on. These services are not only efficient but also very convenient and environmentally friendly as well. With these companies around you, you can be ensured that all your waste is dealt with in an environmentally responsible way. 

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You can easily find these companies from the internet when you need them. Just simply search on Google with specific keywords like “Skip bins Melbourne” or “Waste Bin Hire Melbourne” and you get all the names of waste collection and management companies in the Melbourne area.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How To Dispose Your Household Waste Safely in Melbourne

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People in Australia are more environmentally conscious today and are paying more and more attention to how and where they are disposing their waste especially if it holds potential danger to the environment. Some of the most common household waste such as car batteries, electronic devices etc. contain environmentally hazardous toxic materials and need special care while disposing of. This is true even more when you consider the nature of waste today and most of them are not organic like they used to be in the early days. They are often not biodegradable and can harm the soil or water table beneath the landfill if not disposed of appropriately. When disposing of a waste of this nature in Melbourne or surrounding area you should take special care and let the professional waste management services handle them. Keep the following in mind while disposing of your household waste and junk.

Safely Dispose of your Waste that needs Special Attention

Below are some of the most common household wastes that cannot be managed just by hiring a Regular Skip Bin:

Car Batteries

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Car Batteries contain harmful acids and chemicals that hold potential danger to the environment. If you dispose of car batteries in a regular Skip Bin, it may tip over and if exposed the strong acids may damage animals or people. So special care should be taken while disposing of waste containing such harmful chemicals such as car batteries or any other household appliances that contain chemicals. These should be disposed at regulated facilities and not through regular Skip Bins.


e-waste, waste disposal service, waste management

With the advancement of technology, the increase of E-Waste has been increasing in significant amount in the recent years. As offices, businesses, and homes use more and more electronic and computer related machinery these days, disposing of waste associated with electronics such as computers, televisions, printers, are also becoming a bigger problem. E-waste can contain a wide range of materials which may be hazardous to the environment and often contain toxic chemicals including heavy metals and radioactive waste. Due to this hazardous nature of the E-Waste, these should not be disposed of in regular skip bins and special care should be taken while disposing of them.

Flammable Materials

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You may have seen some products in your home that contains “Flammable” label or sign on it. These materials may break and the chemicals inside may catch fire or even Explode when they are not handled properly or being transported by inexperienced people, and disposed of in regular Skip Bins. These materials are referred to as “Hot Load” and should be disposed of with care by trained professionals.

Household Poison

If you have a bottle in your home with the label poison on it, do not dispose of this bottle in a regular Skip Bin. The poison in the bottle will also be poison in the landfill. These bottles have a risk of leaking and potentially polluting the ground water from the landfills. So special garbage disposals should be used while disposing of this container.

Keeping Australia Safe

For personal and environmental safety please follow the safety rules of garbage disposal and waste management standards of Australia. The household materials such as batteries, tyres, electrical and electronic appliances or containers with toxic, harsh chemicals or poisons, should be handled with special care and cannot be disposed of in regular Garbage Bins or Skip Bins. Your local council can advise you on how to dispose of these hazardous materials and who to contact while disposing of them. Due to the toxic and hazardous nature of these products, you should let only the professional and trained personnel to handle them.