Friday, 26 December 2014

How Waste Bin Hire Can Help You Make It a Green Christmas This Year

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Christmas time is always a joyful time of year, with friends and family get-togethers, Christmas parties and celebrations to end the year on a high - but have you thought about all of the waste that occurs each year? Try spending a little time going through all of the plastic packaging, waste paper, wrapping paper and food containers that you throw out, and multiply it tenfold.

Each year we seem to throw more and more away when it comes to junk, wrapping and packages. Why not do something good for the environment this year by looking out for a waste bin hire company that can help you to remove all of your unwanted rubbish in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Use separate bins for all of your waste

Recycling is a great way to start thinking about how much waste an average house actually throws away. Around Christmas time, this amount of waste is multiplied many times and makes throwing so much away bad for the environment when everyone’s’ waste is added up. Use a separate bin for all of your paper, glass and plastics and you will soon see which the biggest culprit is.

Reusing unused materials such as wrapping paper, gift bows and other material can not only be a great way to cut down on the waste but can also double as extra gifts to people in the new year. Use your wrapping paper to decorate the linings of draws, re-wrap other gifts and even use to cover old books that are past their best.

Reuse and repurpose your packaging waste

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Recycling is the best way to go when it comes to cutting down on waste around Christmas time, but if some of the items you have cannot be reused or repurposed, you may need to think about waste bin hire. Professional waste bin removal services have started to offer all kinds of services to recycle all kinds of waste for a nominal fee.

The best waste bin hire companies will be able to give you advice on what can be recycled, and where the items end up. With all of the countries’ municipal landfill sites growing out of control, it is always wise to know where your waste finally ends its life.

Take advantage of waste bin hire companies

Recycling centres across the country are available to take on your waste to be transformed into new raw materials that you end up using. Items such as plastic bottles, glass bottles and food packaging have come a long way in recent years, with a majority of packaging being recyclable.

Metropolitan Bin Hire

When it comes to food waste this Christmas if you have any leftover tins or packages of food, why not offer to donate them to a food bank or charity service that accepts food. This is a great way to give back to your local community and will help those in need without waste on your part.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Future of Waste-Free Food Packaging and the Environment

When it comes to eating healthy and looking after ourselves we often carefully look at food packaging as a way to stay healthy. But with the huge negative impact on the environment food packaging has, the future holds a different way of using the package to keep the planet that little more healthy.

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There is many waste bins hire service provider companies in Melbourne, so to minimise the use of landfill sites and take a little more interest in the local environment, will the future look cleaner when it comes to our packaging? 

Let’s find out how new technology can keep our food fresh and the planet green.

Over-packaging and Luxury Brands

Food packaging has always had a negative effect on the environment, especially when it comes to needless and over-packaged goods. Many luxury brands like to use multiple papers, plastics and materials to create their ‘luxury’ look of their product packaging, at the expense of the environment. When you take into consideration the waste involved in a simple multi-pack of potato chips, the plastic or foil wrappers can build up to shocking amounts on the waste tip.

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As food packaging is almost always thrown away and disposed of in a typical landfill site, many companies are turning on to the idea that less is more when it comes to simple designs. Many modern food stores are taking advantage of the new turn in zero waste shopping and are creating boutique package-free stores all across the globe.

Many of these zero-waste stores offer simple labels on products located around the store and allow for the customers to purchase bespoke amounts of food and produce using dispenser machines for cereal as well as for rice, pasta and other products. This system is designed not only to reduce the initial packaging waste down to zero but also offer customers easier choices when it comes to brands and product identity.

Transformational Packaging Applications

Some of the more futuristic applications of lower or zero-waste food packaging include the nifty invention of Tomorrow Machines’ bio bowl that has the ability to transform from packaging into a serving device. The special biologically-based material reacts to hot water by reforming into a bowl shape for the user to enjoy their rice or noodles, without any washing up!

packaging, waste free food

Another great advantage in the field of food packaging technology allows us to look to a future where nanotechnology plays a key role in reducing waste on a large scale. A team of researchers have invented a nanomaterial that can be used in carbonated drinks to not only help keep the drinks fizzier but to also help the environment.

Biodegradable Nanotechnology Packaging

This nanomaterial is created using water and clay and is completely biodegradable within as little as months. Improving food packaging and helping the environment is a big win for the food and drink industry, and one that many large companies will look to take advantage of in the future.

One of the more novel inventions in zero-waste food packaging is the idea of edible packaging. The idea is that the container that your food comes in is also edible - making for a perfect starter or dessert - your choice! Some of the best edible food packaging includes Pepceuticals’ edible coating for fresh meat that is tasteless and helps to preserve the life of the food itself. Once purchased, you just cook the meat as usual and enjoy without wasting a single thing!

The Future Is Bright, Light and Waste-free!

In the long term, food packaging has to play its role in helping protect the environment from harmful plastic and other materials found in food packaging. The industry is working on it, but getting there is going to take a massive step-change in both the technology currently used and the shopping habits of consumers.

If every shop, supermarket and retail outlet sold zero-waste food packaging, we would see a reduction of up to 70% of items dumped in landfills, requiring waste bin hire in Melbourne, as well as the greater community. So, think before you eat and cut down on unnecessary packaging and wrapping and choose the green option.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How to Create a Zero-waste Home

Recycling, minimising waste and saving money is high on most people’s list when it comes to creating a harmonious home that has a better impact on the environment compared to a few years ago. With many different authorities offering waste management services, as well as recycling bins for every home, the damage to the environment has had such as impact from waste, that many are turning to creating eco-friendly homes to help ease the burden on mother nature.

Creating zero waste home, waste management service, waste disposal

A zero-waste home doesn’t just mean putting the newspapers in its assigned recycling box, or taking out the garbage in an eco-friendly way – a zero waste home encompasses the entire home and aims to reduce waste not just in terms of garbage, but in terms of power, space and money to create a more efficient, environmentally-friendly home.

Re-think Your Wastefulness

To create your zero-waste or near-zero waste home, you will have to re-think everything in your home and create a checklist to minimise on all waste that comes in and out of the door on a daily basis. This means buying food in bulk to minimise the waste associated with plastic packaging, filling your fridge with food to ensure your refrigerator is working at its optimum output.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables will help reduce the harm on the environment when it comes to unrecyclable plastics. Not only will you help the health of the environment, you will be able to feed your family with good, wholesome produce that is rich in vitamins and minerals instead of processed foods.

Even something simple as choosing a carpet can have a drastic effect on how you run, and pay for your home. We all love a big fluffy rug in the middle of a room, but you can save money, power and time by choosing a carpet that helps insulate your room as well as being able to clean with a broom instead of employing a powered vacuum.

Get Creative with Cleaning Supplies

When buying cleaning supplies, think of the harm that can be done to the environment from the use of harsh chemicals, cleaning acids and substances that can also have a negative effect on your health. Take some time to find old remedies for cleaning your house, such as a newspaper for the windows instead of that horrible pink stuff, vinegar and natural cleaning substances for work surfaces, as well as lemons and oranges to mix with other ingredients to help your house shine and smell wonderful!

Huge Money Savings to Enjoy

Not only will creating your own cleaning products and washing powders save you a lot of time and effort at the supermarket, you will also notice a drastic drop in your grocery bills at the end of the month. Saving money will be a great incentive to keep up the zero-waste policy around the home, with extra money available to treat the family in style.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Helpful Waste Management Tips for Homes and Businesses

Having a big clear out? Renovating your home or business? Then finding the right way to dispose of your waste is very important! If you are having a big clear out of your home or business, making sure that you are conforming to all the regulations regarding waste disposal is vital in ensuring your waste is taken care of properly.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are disposing of your waste in an environmentally friendly way is to enlist the services of a professional waste disposal company to dump your trash. Bin hire in Melbourne is a sought after service, so finding a local company that can deliver a skip for you to fill should be high on your priority list.

Recyclable skip hire

Most skip bins hire companies will be able to help you find the ideal size skip for your waste management purposes and allow you to set a delivery and pick up a date of your skip to allow you to remove all of your unwanted goods in a single visit. If you require larger, industrial-sized skips for your business, a regular skip bin service may be required.

Waste management can be a troublesome problem for many businesses who have to deal with large amounts of packaging, deliveries as well as paper waste, general trash and confidential customer documents. It is essential in cases where confidential data or documents are disposed of to follow all of the regulations regarding the disposal of such documents in a confidential way.

Creating a disposal plan every month is a sure fire way to ensure all of your waste is managed properly. You must ensure that to help the environment, necessary bins or skips are reserved for waste that can be recycled. This is a great way to ensure that your business relies on a green model for others to look up to and follow.

Your business can benefit by recycling

You may even be able to benefit from government schemes that champion local businesses that are environmentally friendly, as well as spearhead local schemes that aim to educate others to go green. The environmental impact of waste has a huge effect on the local area that you live in, so working together with partners may allow you to further boost your businesses carbon footprint.

Even the smallest amount of waste may have an impact on the environment, so choosing a Melbourne bin hire company that deals with the local recycling centre are a great step in the right direction. Ensure that your waste is disposed of by professionals who understand the environmental impact of waste, and your business could end up saving money in the long run by using recycled paper and other disposable products.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Why Hiring A Skip Bin Is The Right Choice Over Other Rubbish Removal Services

Looking to renovate your house? Having building work done on your property? Or just want to dispose of clutter and junk from your home? Save yourself a lot of time and effort by hiring a Melbourne based skip disposal service to relieve you of your unwanted items.

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Hiring a skip is a simple process and is a great way to clear out large items of rubbish at once. Melbourne has a great recycling and rubbish disposal site that caters for the majority of household, light commercial and industrial waste, for some people multiple trips to the disposal facility to get rid of their waste is unnecessary.

Although by hiring your very own skip, you will be able to call your local Melbourne bin hire company to arrange a delivery time for your skip. Various size skips are available for you to choose from, so even if you have the smallest driveway or front yard, you will be sure to find a skip that can be delivered safely and effectively direct to your premises.

Perfect for Light Renovation and Building Work

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If you plan to be doing some renovation, construction or simple building work, hiring a skip will save you much time and effort during the clean-up process. With your very own skip delivered as close to your maintenance or construction work as possible, disposal of large furniture, household waste and even appliances will be simple, safe and user-friendly.

Metropolitan Bin Hire is one local skip bin company in Melbourne that is available city-wide and beyond. Known for their efficient service in the local area, they provide a host of different options when it comes to skip sizes and types of waste they can take away. With their very own recycling and sorting service, up to 80% of household waste is recycled; meaning you are helping to save the environment a little more compared with a municipal waste disposal service.

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A Wide Selection of Volumes to Choose from

With skip bins available in sizes from 2m3, all the way up to 3m3 the majority of your household and light commercial building work waste will suffice for most situations. If you require something a little larger to dispose of your rubbish, then why not hire one of the many different sized bulk bins that offer varying features to aid in your disposal.

The smaller bulk bins that you can hire offer walk-in facilities. This is a great feature for smaller commercial and household maintenance tasks where a wheelbarrow will be used to transport various waste from inside a property. The bulk bins start at a smaller 3m3 to 12m3 for larger tasks. Light bulk bins offer ease of disposal, whereas stubby bulk bins are used to dispose of heavier, larger items of waste.


Tailor-Make Your Disposal System

Solve all of your disposal problems by hiring a skip bin that will be of immense value to your renovation work, building work and the disposal of household items. Available for domestic and commercial use, why not get a quote from the experts who will guide you in choosing the right rubbish bin for your needs, allowing you to say goodbye to clutter and hello to space.

Friday, 2 May 2014

7 ways to save on skip bin hire in Melbourne

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Bin hire is an effective way of getting rid of a lot of trash relatively easily and inexpensively. But in actual fact, the amount you pay for a skip differ greatly according to the company that you’re using, council rates and a few other things. This means that you can potentially save a lot of money if you do your homework and follow a few steps:

  1. Make sure you have enough rubbish before you hire a bin because you want to make the most of the hire. If it’s urgent that you clean up the place but don’t have a skip bin full of rubbish, encourage friends or family to dump off some just as well so you get the most out of it. The skip hire company won’t often discount you if you didn’t fill up the bin.
  2. Make sure you’re clear on what kinds of products can be disposed of in the skip bin. Some materials such as electrical goods might incur additional fees and you can probably dispose of them elsewhere for cheaper.      
  3. Get as many quotes as you can from various providers in your area. A lot of the time you’ll be able to get a quick quote either online or by giving them a call. Obviously, you want to go with the cheapest, but make sure the turnaround times suit you too.  
  4. Arrange the booking as early as possible because some companies might charge more for urgent services.
  5. Check the prices of different bin sizes because you’ll notice that sometimes the prices are relatively cheaper and more economical for a larger skip bin.
  6. If this means you have ordered a skip that is much bigger than what you need, why not go halves with someone else – a neighbour for instance? It’s going to save you money and probably encourage your neighbours to clean up their properties – a win-win for you!
  7. Make sure you’re aware of the weight restrictions because the company might charge you additional fees for exceeding the weight limit.
Keep in mind that there are council fees for having a skip bin out on the road. If you don’t have space on your property you should strongly consider making space by moving things around – whatever it takes to avoid those charges. For more information about bin hire services in Melbourne click here.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Why We Need to Make a Concerted Effort to Recycle in Melbourne

The benefits of recycling your waste in the proper manner are fairly widely known. With a number of council and private business initiated services provided to the public, recycling is convenient, simple and straightforward. Yet there are those in Melbourne that do not bother to recycle their waste and help the environment and it’s difficult to understand why people wouldn’t. Perhaps educating people of the clear benefits to the environment and - by extension - society costs is the key.

A simple change in behaviour can make the difference

Nowadays, free time is a valuable commodity. However, with so many simple ways for people to recycle their waste efficiently and quickly, you can’t imagine this would be much of a reason to neglect your recycling responsibilities. Many homes have separate bins in their kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas, so why not add another bin especially for plastics, or paper, too.
The argument of not having time often doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. By simply sorting your waste at the point of disposal is one sure fire way to keep on track with your recycling goals.

You have an environmental responsibility

Many people just do not see the point in recycling as they believe their personal impact on the environment, negative or positive will have little or no effect on a global scale.

This rather defeatist argument tends to spread like wildfire, with many people questioning the use of recycling on a personal scale when there are many whole countries which do not even have a recycling policy. The avid recyclers will argue that every little bit helps when looking after the environment, and if everyone made a point of taking care of their own waste management, energy use as well as their carbon footprint, the world would be a healthier place to live in.

Metropolitan Bin Hire has set up a large recycling station Melbourne residents can use to provide a means of disposing of household waste to be recycled. Many items can be dropped off free of charge and include everyday household items such as glass bottles, hard plastic containers, steel and aluminium, as well as more toxic materials such as car batteries and white goods.

Here, we take care to carefully sort your recyclable items and ensure that if it can be re-used, it is! Non-recyclable items are liable for tipping fees which vary, so with a great service provided by our recycling station in Melbourne you have no excuses not to do your bit for the environment.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Choosing the Greenest Waste Removal Service in Melbourne

Waste removal melbourne
Since the turn of the century, more and more electrical items have become so popular around the world for their labour-saving tasks around the home, but the troubles sand difficulty in disposing of televisions, refrigerators and other electrical items has become more and more apparent. Many electrical items in both household and industrial applications contain toxic chemicals, dangerous metals and waste products that not only pose harm to life but also a danger to the environment.

Many people regularly upgrade their household electronics to the latest models, leaving millions of tonnes of television sets, computer monitors and old PCs as well as microwaves and mobile phones each year. Contaminants such as cadmium, lead and flame retardants are contained in such items and need to be disposed of in a safe and cautious manner. Around Melbourne’s landfill sites, special disposal waste bin hire and skips are provided to ensure that these electrical items are separated from household waste and other products.

Sorting through this waste before disposal can prove a hassle especially considering the multitude of different scrap items a regular household disposes of, and many people choose to enlist the aid of a specialist e-waste disposal contractor to do this for them. There are many benefits of hiring a waste management contractor, as hassle is kept to a minimum. Most contractors can supply specialist skips to sort your electronic waste from regular trash and will be able to collect your waste on site.

Your professional waste removal contractor will dispose of your e-waste carefully and in accordance with state laws, ensuring no electronic waste will enter an all-purpose landfill where groundwater contamination and occupational safety are minimised. The environmental impact of electronic waste disposed of a non-cautious manner can have cause serious harm to health and the environment. Many carcinogenic toxins, gases and heavy metals can be released into the environment, polluting water systems and air purity.

Not only does disposing of electrical items pose a safety and health risk to people and the environment, but not properly disposing of computers, mobile phones and hard drives can allow the potential theft of data. When disposing of items such as computers, laptops and hard drives ensure that all data is wiped from them before disposal to reduce the risk of data theft.

Potential theft of personal data, banking details and credit card numbers is on the rise, so ensure your data is protected. A professional service for electronic waste removal in Melbourne such as a licensed contractor will be able to inform you or your business as to the necessary steps to ensure data protection.

Recycling plays a huge role in the disposal of electronic waste, and with many companies providing waste bin hire around Melbourne, as well as being able to offer their services that both collect, sort and scrap electronic items down to their raw materials.

You can ensure that you or your business can help reduce waste, minimise the risks of environmental impact as well as dispose of data-containing hardware securely. It has never been easier to dispose of your e-waste, with more contractors than ever ready to lend a hand in freeing your trash burden in the greenest way possible.