Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How to Create a Zero-waste Home

Recycling, minimising waste and saving money is high on most people’s list when it comes to creating a harmonious home that has a better impact on the environment compared to a few years ago. With many different authorities offering waste management services, as well as recycling bins for every home, the damage to the environment has had such as impact from waste, that many are turning to creating eco-friendly homes to help ease the burden on mother nature.

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A zero-waste home doesn’t just mean putting the newspapers in its assigned recycling box, or taking out the garbage in an eco-friendly way – a zero waste home encompasses the entire home and aims to reduce waste not just in terms of garbage, but in terms of power, space and money to create a more efficient, environmentally-friendly home.

Re-think Your Wastefulness

To create your zero-waste or near-zero waste home, you will have to re-think everything in your home and create a checklist to minimise on all waste that comes in and out of the door on a daily basis. This means buying food in bulk to minimise the waste associated with plastic packaging, filling your fridge with food to ensure your refrigerator is working at its optimum output.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables will help reduce the harm on the environment when it comes to unrecyclable plastics. Not only will you help the health of the environment, you will be able to feed your family with good, wholesome produce that is rich in vitamins and minerals instead of processed foods.

Even something simple as choosing a carpet can have a drastic effect on how you run, and pay for your home. We all love a big fluffy rug in the middle of a room, but you can save money, power and time by choosing a carpet that helps insulate your room as well as being able to clean with a broom instead of employing a powered vacuum.

Get Creative with Cleaning Supplies

When buying cleaning supplies, think of the harm that can be done to the environment from the use of harsh chemicals, cleaning acids and substances that can also have a negative effect on your health. Take some time to find old remedies for cleaning your house, such as a newspaper for the windows instead of that horrible pink stuff, vinegar and natural cleaning substances for work surfaces, as well as lemons and oranges to mix with other ingredients to help your house shine and smell wonderful!

Huge Money Savings to Enjoy

Not only will creating your own cleaning products and washing powders save you a lot of time and effort at the supermarket, you will also notice a drastic drop in your grocery bills at the end of the month. Saving money will be a great incentive to keep up the zero-waste policy around the home, with extra money available to treat the family in style.