Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Why We Need to Make a Concerted Effort to Recycle in Melbourne

The benefits of recycling your waste in the proper manner are fairly widely known. With a number of council and private business initiated services provided to the public, recycling is convenient, simple and straightforward. Yet there are those in Melbourne that do not bother to recycle their waste and help the environment and it’s difficult to understand why people wouldn’t. Perhaps educating people of the clear benefits to the environment and - by extension - society costs is the key.

A simple change in behaviour can make the difference

Nowadays, free time is a valuable commodity. However, with so many simple ways for people to recycle their waste efficiently and quickly, you can’t imagine this would be much of a reason to neglect your recycling responsibilities. Many homes have separate bins in their kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas, so why not add another bin especially for plastics, or paper, too.
The argument of not having time often doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. By simply sorting your waste at the point of disposal is one sure fire way to keep on track with your recycling goals.

You have an environmental responsibility

Many people just do not see the point in recycling as they believe their personal impact on the environment, negative or positive will have little or no effect on a global scale.

This rather defeatist argument tends to spread like wildfire, with many people questioning the use of recycling on a personal scale when there are many whole countries which do not even have a recycling policy. The avid recyclers will argue that every little bit helps when looking after the environment, and if everyone made a point of taking care of their own waste management, energy use as well as their carbon footprint, the world would be a healthier place to live in.

Metropolitan Bin Hire has set up a large recycling station Melbourne residents can use to provide a means of disposing of household waste to be recycled. Many items can be dropped off free of charge and include everyday household items such as glass bottles, hard plastic containers, steel and aluminium, as well as more toxic materials such as car batteries and white goods.

Here, we take care to carefully sort your recyclable items and ensure that if it can be re-used, it is! Non-recyclable items are liable for tipping fees which vary, so with a great service provided by our recycling station in Melbourne you have no excuses not to do your bit for the environment.