Monday, 23 December 2013

5 Uses for Skip Bins You Never Thought of

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Everybody knows skip bins are a great way to get rid of a large quantity of rubbish quickly. It’s as simple as ordering a bin, filling it up with your junk and watching the bloke in the truck take it away. But you might not have considered some of the other ways you can use a skip bin. Apparently, there are plenty of uses that even we hadn’t heard about before – and we’re in the skip bin industry for crying out loud! We know you’re itching to find out more, so without further a due, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can utilise a skip bin without filling it with rubbish. Who knows, you might want to give some of them a go over the holidays. 

Editor’s note: in all seriousness, we don’t suggest or advise that you try any of these at home!

Entertaining lady friends

What better way to show a girl that you’re a trendy, hip guy than to invite her over to your skip bin for a cup of tea and some witty conversation? Just make sure your bin is looking clean and tidy; give it a dust, maybe vac it and make sure you’ve got it well furnished. We can tell you right now that this is a winning combination for an intimate, romantic date and the perfect way to spoil your woman.

Throwing a pool party

Who doesn’t love a pool party this time of year! And when you’ve got a bin handy, you’ve essentially got your own mobile swimming pool waiting to happen. All you need is a hose, a place to park the thing and a bunch of people eager for a dip and you’re set. The skip bin-pool combines sophistication and function; it oozes class and looks glorious out on the street or even in your backyard.

Hiding from the missus

From time to time, you’re bound to do something to upset the wife. Perhaps you ran over her petunias with your ride-on lawn mower, maybe you spilt something on the couch or you might even have nodded off to sleep when you were supposed to be doing your chores. Whatever the reason, it’s important to have a refuge, a getaway if you will where you can hide out and let things cool off a little. Some men make for the shed in these situations, but not all of us have the room for one. A skip bin, however, might be the perfect substitute.

Planting a flower bed

Speaking of petunias, a skip bin makes the perfect foundation for a lovely flower bed, or if you’re a little more adventurous, an entire garden. The wife will certainly appreciate the effort of recognising that a bin is essentially just a large pot plant – it’s basically asking to be filled up with dirt and flowers!


As you can see, the properly shaped skip bin makes a curiously good down ramp and an excellent place to brush up on those skateboarding skills you’ve been trying to perfect since the 90s and early 00’s (when skateboarding was actually cool).

Dumping Unneeded Vehicles?

All joking aside, we’re not even sure how to explain this image.

So there you have it – certainly some of the most creative ways to use skip bins we’ve seen. Can our readers think of any others? Leave your comments below! And of course, have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Problem of Illegal Rubbish Dumping

Not only is it an eyesore, but waste dumping on public land can have disastrous carry-on effects for the environment. People dump rubbish in the ocean, in lakes and rivers, in the bush and even in public car parks or by the side of the road. The scale of the waste materials in question differ greatly - they can range from simple bags of household trash to things like construction and manufacturing waste, which can carry hefty penalties.

There’s little doubt that rubbish dumping is very irresponsible and the government and council have been making ongoing efforts to crack down on this unacceptable behaviour. Interestingly, evidence suggests that dumping has escalated as tip fees have increased.

Unauthorised waste dumping can obviously harm wildlife in the area and also contaminate the land in the long term. But there are further problems associated with it. In addition to the fact that it is not pleasant to look at, it costs the council a significant amount of money to take care of. But perhaps the most crucial problem that arises as a result of dumping is the fact that the materials are essentially wasted. When rubbish is taken to the tip, each of the materials is broken down for recycling purposes. However, when waste is buried or dumped in the ocean, it is essentially lost and cannot be reused, which is obviously very inefficient.

In Victoria, the maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of more than $600,000 or 7 years in prison for an individual and fines of more than $1 million for corporations. However, the problem persists and in the state government has been forced into assisting local councils in the effort to ‘clean up’ this major problem. In 2011 for instance, the Baillieu government allocated $1.14 million for a number of Melbourne councils to be able to put in place ‘litter prevention officers’ who patrol dumping areas and catch people in the act.

Like most illegal activities, the key to getting unauthorised dumping under control has to come from education. Yes, it costs money to dispose of high quantities of waste in the appropriate way; however, the costs to the environment, the government and to the community as a whole are much greater.

At the Metropolitan Recycle and Transfer Station, we provide affordable waste disposal services that ensure the well-being of the environment. We sort through your rubbish and sort it according to its type. Everything from soil, green waste, brick, concrete, tiles, metals and timber comes through our station, so we’ve got you sorted no matter what you’ve got to dispose of! Visit our website for more info about rubbish bin hire in Melbourne.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Why Would You Get a Skip Bin?

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Waste disposal is one of those things we don’t think about all that often. For many people, it simply amounts to popping your trash into the wheelie bin and making sure you put the right bin out on the right day. But when you have a lot of rubbish to dispose of in a short time, this simply isn’t a solution.

Whether you’ve done a good day’s work in the garden and have piles of green waste to deal with, you’re doing some home improvement and have bricks and mortar that needs to be disposed of, or you’re throwing a big party, you are going to need another way to get rid of your trash.

One option is to load all the waste into your car or trailer and take it on down to the local dump. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a ute or trailer and it’s not exactly convenient to have to carry it all down to the tip (which charges reasonably high fees).

Another option is to speak to a waste disposal company that does hands-on rubbish removal; however the costs can be exuberant in many cases, and often you’ll be looking for a low-cost solution.

Some people think it’s okay to dump their rubbish in public places such as parks and cleared areas. This carries substantial fines, as it should. We want to be doing everything we can to clean up the environment, and polluting on this scale is a very irresponsible act.

If taking a trip to the tip doesn’t suit you and you want a more convenient, cost-effective solution than having strangers come into your home and clean up after you, hiring a skip bin from Metro Bin Hire is the way to go. You can choose which size bin you require and the length of time you need it for depending on the amount of rubbish you have and how long it takes to fill the bin.

Then it’s simply a matter of putting your waste in the skip bin. Afterwards, we come and collect it and dispose of the rubbish in an environmentally friendly way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our recycling and transfer station in Mordialloc processes the waste and sorts it into what can be reused and what needs to be put into landfill.

It’s just as easy as filling up your wheelie bin and letting the garbos take care of it, just on a slightly larger scale! Contact Metropolitan Bin Hire for a quote or visit our website and let us know your requirements.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

3 Terrible Cases of Hoarding

As professional recyclers and garbage removalists, we’re obviously huge fans of keeping the environment healthy. It pays to dispose of your rubbish in a thoughtful manner to keep our planet beautiful for future generations. Not only that, but doing a mass clean up – whether it’s of the inside or your home, your backyard or your office – can improve your mood and make you more comfortable in your space. Everybody appreciates cleanliness and neatness.

Or so we thought. For some people – generally known as ‘hoarders’ – collecting rubbish and stacking it up by the piles is an enjoyable pastime. A hoarding disorder actually effects around 2-5% of adults, and while it often affects a person in their childhood, it usually becomes obvious in their later years when they have accumulated more. Hoarding behaviour obviously worsens a person’s ease of living, yet their compulsive inability to throw things away is very difficult to overcome.

Here we look at some of the most extreme cases of hoarding in recent times.

Edmund Trebus of London

Trebus’ is an infamous case of hoarding as he featured on the BBC documentary program A Life of Grime in the 1980’s and soon become known in England for his compulsive tendency to collect things. A fan of Elvis Presley, he initially started by collecting as many of the artist’s records as he could (which turned out to be a huge amount). He also had a love for vacuum cleaner and cameras. In his older years, his problem became more serious and he became much more indiscriminate in terms of what he thought was worthy of collecting. It got to the point where he would roam the streets picking up random items.

At the height of the problem, he had accumulated 515 cubic yards of trash in his house, at which point he moved to a nursing home.

Edith Bouvier Beale and Edith Ewing Bouvier of New York

This mother and daughter hoarding duo were former socialites and actually related to Jackie Kennedy. Living in a rundown East Hampton mansion in the state of New York, they accumulated a huge amount of human and animal waste. Authorities eventually raided the home and discovered literally hundreds of cats living in the home, not to mention racoons and other critters that seemed to pop in from time to time through the roof. Reportedly, it cost $32,000 to clear all the rubbish (and install a plumbing system and furnace). This was a huge amount of money in those days.

Kenneth Epstein of Las Vegas

Authorities called it ‘one of the worst cases of hoarding ever seen’, and for good reason. Epstein, a 55 year old resident of Las Vegas, had so much rubbish in his home that he had to crawl on top of it to move through the house. After numerous complaints or foul odours from neighbours over 2 years, a warrant to search the home was issued and the authorities went in. They had no idea what they were in for.

Around 36 truckloads of rubbish were removed from the duplex home and some of the items that were discovered are quite simply shocking. 33 living cats and 9 dead cats were discovered in the rubble and most items were riddled with pests of just about every description including spiders and cockroaches. Not only had that, but meat in the various fridges of the house had decayed so much it had become liquid. Not the kind of home you can entertain in!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sustainable Waste Disposal Methods

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Rubbish disposal can be a confusing task these days. There are different types of skip bins for different types of wastes. What if there's only one dedicated bin for throwing out every type of rubbish? Disposing of waste requires that you have a means of taking the items to a disposal facility. Carrying rubbish with you can leave your vehicle dirty and smelly. And, you could be up for any number of trips to the disposal facility to dump the rubbish. A Professional skip bin provider can save you from the bother of dealing with it.

Hiring a Skip Bin

With many people deciding to undertake large renovations to their homes, DIY tasks and the removal of large amounts of unwanted furniture, it's necessary to hire the services of a waste removal specialist. Skip hire is an ideal way of making sure that all of your unwanted items, rubbish materials and general waste are taken care of.

Skip Bins Ensure Proper Sorting of Your Waste 

With a skip bin a simple call away, it couldn't be easier to take care of your waste disposal needs. Your rubbish will be sorted for recycling at a disposal facility, giving you peace of mind and ensuring environmentally friendly methods of disposal. However, keep in mind that a large proportion of waste that is disposed of is building waste and general garbage, which can't always be recycled. In these cases, it is often incinerated or put into landfill.

So What are the Advantages of Hiring a Waste Disposal Specialist?

The obvious benefit comes from the service itself; you're able to dispose of large quantities of waste quickly and without giving it another thought! But value for money is also something you should consider. Many companies' skip prices are based on the size of the skip itself, so it pays to think about what size you need and planning accordingly. The company will be able to advise you as to the most appropriate bin and size for your needs and they should also make you aware of what should and shouldn't be put in a skip. For instance, it can be unsafe to put hazardous materials and substances into the skip bin.

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In many instances, a skip can be delivered within 24 hours. This is a great benefit, especially during renovation and redecorating work when time constraints are at a premium. The skips can be placed onto your driveway or front yard, provided there is enough room. This is ideal if you are intending to dispose of heavy items that are difficult to lift and carry over long distances.

Whether you're renovating, doing some home improvements or just removing household goods, you can get a great deal on skip hire by utilising the professionals in waste disposal throughout Melbourne and indeed statewide. It's as easy as filling your skip and having your rubbish taken away, leaving you free to continue your work with the peace of mind that your waste management is taken care of.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Rent a Bin with Metropolitan Bin Hire

The importance of waste management is something that should never be underestimated. According to an independent survey, a common household creates around 18 lbs of waste on a daily basis. This is a huge amount of waste that needs to be disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Hence, managing our waste is a clear priority for our society.

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Metropolitan Bin Hire is a reliable name providing skip bin hire and waste management services in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. We provide a range of services including waste collection, bin rental and waste recycling. If you’re renovating, doing some home improvements or maybe just having a working at your property, hiring a skip bin can make your job much easier. Rent a bin, fill it up and we’ll take it away and dispose of your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way.

Originally founded in 1985, Metropolitan Bin Hire providing services in most of the South and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have built up an extensive range of bins along with transport and recycling facilities, and a loyal customer base that has come to expect the same high level of service.

We can handle all types of waste management services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. We provide a range of waste collection bins with different sizes. If you’re not sure of the most appropriate bin, we can help you out and make sure you rent a bin that suits your needs.

Skips are placed in your driveway or yard; however, some additional costs might be incurred if they are parked on the road or nature strip (to cover council fees). For a standard service, you have the use of the bin for 3 days, however, if you need it for longer give us a call and we can work something out.

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At the end of the day, what we do is all about customer service. We do whatever it takes to ensure your needs are met, and our service is designed to make things convenient. This is essentially what separates us from other skip bin companies in Melbourne and why we have lasted in this industry for so long. The best part is that when you choose Metropolitan Bin Hire, you can have peace of mind knowing that your garbage is being disposed of thoughtfully and in a way that doesn't harm the environment.

For more information about our services, we encourage you to check out our website or call and chat with one of our team members. If you’re looking to rent a bin, look to Metropolitan Bin Hire!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Hire a Skip Bin in Melbourne

Every household in Australia will need a Skip Bin at some point to dispose of their unwanted junk and waste such as motor oil, electrical and electronic appliances, garden waste, organic waste, tyres, batteries etc. Every household material requires different safety measures for transporting and disposing of as they may contain hazardous materials and may hold potential danger for humans or the Environment. Your local council has set strict rules for carrying and disposing of these materials safely and what the regular landfills will accept. Many people today need a skip bin for domestic use according to their needs and for sorting these special waste products.

Recycling Your Waste Made Easy

6m3 Heavy walk-in ( L 4.2m x W 2.2m x D 0.65m )For sorting and recycling your domestic or commercial waste, you need to hire a professional and reliable Bin Hire Service. They are able to process most of your hazardous household wastes that need especially care and handling while transporting and disposing of them in their own recycling and transfer containers and trucks and carry them to their recycling station. Some of the professional companies in Melbourne are equipped with the latest equipment for sorting and collection various kinds of waste such as Concrete, Bricks, Soil, Tiles, and all other waste in separate containers and with special care. Waste management companies make landfill environmentally safe by disposing of all the toxic and hazardous materials separately with minimum hassle to you.

2m3 Skip ( L 1.9m x W 1.6m x D 0.85m )
Some of the Recycling and Transfer stations will accept waste even from the customers who want to deliver their own waste themselves using their own transport system or trailers, dump trucks etc.

Your best choice for your bin hire needs could be Metropolitan Bin Hire in Melbourne. They have a wide variety of Skip Bins to chose from various kinds of domestic and commercial Skip Bins and Bulk Bins. To find out more about the Metropolitan Bin Hire in Melbourne, you can visit their official website at You will find all your information including the customer support phone number 1300 737 612 or 03 9580 5111. Calling this number will allow you to speak with one of their expert consultants, who will explain all your options according to your bin hire needs.

Friday, 22 March 2013

An Environment Friendly Initiative: Waste Removal in Melbourne

Being the home to millions of people and businesses, the city of Melbourne produces more than a thousand tonnes of waste on a daily basis. If left out there and not treated within a short period of time, this waste can cause severe problems for both the people and the ecology of the city of Melbourne. Although the city has an efficient waste management system of its own, its educated and concerned citizens are also moving ahead with their own contributions in an effort to keep the city as clean and hygienic as possible. Similarly, a number of waste bin companies have also played a major role in helping to keep the city clean.

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Obviously, keeping such a big city free of waste is an immensely difficult task. Considering the sheer volume of daily pollution including solid, liquid, gaseous and radioactive wastes, a major city needs to have in place a well-financed and coordinated environmental management initiative, and this has become a prominent consideration for the authorities in Melbourne and other cities. Luckily, our city has a highly capable waste management system already operational which allows for a very efficient process of collecting, transporting, processing, managing and monitoring waste materials. Everything in this process is carried out in such a way that it doesn’t cause any threat to the environment or the living standards of people in the area.

There are different ways to manage waste including landfill, incineration and recycling. While landfill is a cheap and easy method, the government is encouraging companies to adopt other means given that it is not environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long run. Problems with landfill include the fact that there are a finite number of landfills, the odours they can emit and that it tends to lead to poor health for surface vegetation. In contrast, incineration is a far more efficient method for waste disposal, and it is becoming increasingly popular in both developed and developing countries. Incineration involves processing the solid organic wastes through combustion to convert them into residue and gaseous materials. This process can be carried out in on a small scale by individuals and on a large-scale by industrial companies. However, recycling waste is seen as the most efficient waste management system at the present time as it involves the collection and important reuse of waste materials. This is more energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly method, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and the overall burden of waste.

Ultimately, waste management at such a high scale needs contribution from multiple parties if it is to be properly collected, processed and disposed of. Individual houses can dispose of their waste in small bins though if you are doing a major cleanup or having renovations done, you might need larger bins. In such cases, contact with a bin hire company like Metropolitan Bin Hire which provides bins and collects waste according to a scheduled time. Most importantly, these companies process and dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly way. This is how the city can be kept clean and hygienic for the people living in it.