Tuesday, 29 March 2016

5 Fruitful Steps To Food Waste Disposal

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Waste management is a vital part of any home or business that allows you to be more ecologically friendly, as well as helping your local community in a number of different ways. Food waste plays a huge role in everyday waste, and with many homes throwing out record amounts of food it is becoming a big problem across the country.

There are many different ways to tackle the food waste issue with skip bins Melbourne wide to rubbish bin hire on a commercial scale. Here are 5 fruitful steps to food disposal you can practice right away.

1. Rubbish Bin Hire

One of the best ways to tackle your food waste problems is to hire a skip from one of the many different companies that offer skip bins across Melbourne. The service is easy to use, with the skip bin being delivered to your home, business or site giving you easy access to the bin to dispose of your food waste. The skip is then picked up at your request and disposed of in an ethical and eco-friendly way.

Many skip bin services offer skip bins for both residential and commercial use, meaning that no matter if you are a baker or fast food restaurant, you will have access to regular skip bins and food waste removal, ensuring that you comply with legal requirements, as well as keep your neighbourhood free from rodents and other food waste scavenging critters.

2. Composting Services

Some food waste management companies offer a great service to food production and agricultural industries in removing all of your food waste with regular collections and composting your food waste. Many large agricultural sites use the services of on-site composting installations that allow food waste to be recycled and put back into the system to help advance the agriculture.

There are very few but some commercial composting facilities that offer the chance to sort organic and food waste from solid waste in order to recycle or compost it further. Handling your food waste can greatly reduce the number of waste hauling bills, as well as help keep the planet green.

3. The “Mechanical Stomach”

A new and novel way of recycling your food waste is to recycle it and turn it into energy. This is done thanks to a great engineering project called an eco-safe digestor and works by adding warm water and a special enzyme to the food waste to break it down over time. The food is broken down, or digested by the briny solution and turns 300kg of food waste into a bath tub sized amount of dirty water.

This water is safe enough to be simply poured down the drain, or used in other resources that rely on so-called “grey water” – water which cannot be used for drinking or sanitation needs.

4. Commercial Food Donation

One remedy for reducing food waste is to take a leaf out of the book of the French Government, which earlier this year passed a law that states that all supermarkets have an obligation not to throw out any unwanted food that has passed its “sell by date” and instead donate it to food charities.

The food is still considering perfectly good to eat as it hasn’t passed its “use by date” and has meant that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of perfectly good food isn’t simply dumped into the bin. If every country enacted this law, millions of tonnes of food waste would be saved from the landfill and many of the poorest in society would have three meals a day!

5. Food Waste Reduction

Do you love to fill up your fridge every week with food that you know you will eventually simply throw away and not eat? It is estimated that up to 10% of food in some households is simply not eaten and thrown away? One of the best ways around this totally waste is to plan your shopping wisely in order to purchase food that will be consumed before it goes bad.

Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables every day is great for your body, but if it goes bad that is money lost and more rubbish for the landfill. Ensure that your food is kept in ideal conditions whether refrigerated or frozen and only buy fresh fruit you know you and your family will be able to eat in a week.

Cutting down on food waste is the best way to ensure everyone plays their part in keeping their community, and not adding to waste. Use recycling techniques to cut down the addition of waste to your landfill, and use a professional waste management company that skip bins Melbourne has to offer. Rubbish bin hire has never been easier to procure, with a number of eco-friendly options to help your business, community and the planet!