Friday, 22 March 2013

An Environment Friendly Initiative: Waste Removal in Melbourne

Being the home to millions of people and businesses, the city of Melbourne produces more than a thousand tonnes of waste on a daily basis. If left out there and not treated within a short period of time, this waste can cause severe problems for both the people and the ecology of the city of Melbourne. Although the city has an efficient waste management system of its own, its educated and concerned citizens are also moving ahead with their own contributions in an effort to keep the city as clean and hygienic as possible. Similarly, a number of waste bin companies have also played a major role in helping to keep the city clean.

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Obviously, keeping such a big city free of waste is an immensely difficult task. Considering the sheer volume of daily pollution including solid, liquid, gaseous and radioactive wastes, a major city needs to have in place a well-financed and coordinated environmental management initiative, and this has become a prominent consideration for the authorities in Melbourne and other cities. Luckily, our city has a highly capable waste management system already operational which allows for a very efficient process of collecting, transporting, processing, managing and monitoring waste materials. Everything in this process is carried out in such a way that it doesn’t cause any threat to the environment or the living standards of people in the area.

There are different ways to manage waste including landfill, incineration and recycling. While landfill is a cheap and easy method, the government is encouraging companies to adopt other means given that it is not environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long run. Problems with landfill include the fact that there are a finite number of landfills, the odours they can emit and that it tends to lead to poor health for surface vegetation. In contrast, incineration is a far more efficient method for waste disposal, and it is becoming increasingly popular in both developed and developing countries. Incineration involves processing the solid organic wastes through combustion to convert them into residue and gaseous materials. This process can be carried out in on a small scale by individuals and on a large-scale by industrial companies. However, recycling waste is seen as the most efficient waste management system at the present time as it involves the collection and important reuse of waste materials. This is more energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly method, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and the overall burden of waste.

Ultimately, waste management at such a high scale needs contribution from multiple parties if it is to be properly collected, processed and disposed of. Individual houses can dispose of their waste in small bins though if you are doing a major cleanup or having renovations done, you might need larger bins. In such cases, contact with a bin hire company like Metropolitan Bin Hire which provides bins and collects waste according to a scheduled time. Most importantly, these companies process and dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly way. This is how the city can be kept clean and hygienic for the people living in it.